LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – Livia Kurtz, Kelseyville Olive Festival organizer and Lake County

Chapter of California Women for Agriculture member, announced that the AgVenture program

and LCCWA scholarships were the recipients of silent auction booth proceeds from the 2013

Kelseyville Olive Festival.

The Kelseyville Olive Festival was held on Sunday, April 21, at Chacewater Winery and Olive

Mill and the festival’s silent auction booth earned over $1,000.

The AgVenture program provides an educational overview of Lake County agribusiness for

community leaders and is organized by the Lake County Chapter of California Women for

Agriculture (LCCWA), while LCCWA scholarships benefit graduating high school seniors and

college students pursuing degrees in agricultural related studies.

“We were so grateful to Livia for approaching us with the option to simply staff the festival’s

1 / 2


silent auction booth in exchange for auction proceeds,” said AgVenture Coordinator Terry

Dereniuk. “The generosity of the community’s donations to the Kelseyville Olive Festival was

extraordinary and the event gave LCCWA a chance to talk with the public about what we do.”

LCCWA President Annette Hopkins, Vice President Toni Scully, and LCCWA members Diane

Henderson, Carol Maxwell, Terry Dereniuk, and Lori McGuire staffed the booth and gathered

membership applications for CWA.

Several LCCWA members responded to the call for donations for the silent auction including:

Wilda Shock, Colleen Rentsch and the Sealy Farm Stand, Andrea Adams and the Soper-Reese

Community Theatre, Karlene Ellis, Bonnie Sears, Terry Dereniuk, Paula Bryant and Umpqua

Bank, Debra Watson and the Jitter Bean Coffee of Lakeport, Dana DiRicco, Sutter Lakeside

Hospital, Susan Feiler and the Lake County Wine Studio, and Livia Kurtz and Rosa d’Oro


“I’ve lived in Lake County for years, and I am always impressed by our community’s generosity,”

said Hopkins. “LCCWA wants to thank our donors for their support, and the Kelseyville Olive

Festival for supporting LCCWA’s AgVenture and scholarship programs.”

To learn more about the Lake County Chapter of California Women for Agriculture, visit www.l